WellTouch is PharmaCentra’s signature compliance and persistence program and is fully customizable for each disease state.

WellTouch gives patients control over their treatment regimens while providing consistent communication between patients and healthcare providers. This patient-centered program empowers patients to become more involved in their treatments, resulting in improved health outcomes.

A Better Way to Communicate With Patients
and Maintain Compliance

WellTouch is a multi-touch, opt-in program designed to communicate with patients as they continue therapy, assisting them with the challenges of treatment. Once registered, patients may receive educational messages, access to resources and timely refill / treatment / appointment reminders through scheduled live calls. Customized disease state messaging includes identifying patients’ particular barriers and provides tailored messages to promote compliance.


Designed to enhance patient literacy, our HIPAA-compliant WellTouch program is customized to meet individual brand/client needs by incorporating:

  • Patient surveys
  • Health tips, including diet and exercise
  • Access to brand and disease state resources
  • Transfer to patient’s pharmacy for refills
  • Scheduling appointments with physicians
  • Customization and integration with other programs
  • Patient referral to a physician for treatment questions
  • Barrier Identification and education

A Track Record of Strong WellTouch Results

Patients become healthier by adhering to their medication schedules, while physicians know that patients are more likely to comply. Medical insurers benefit from healthier patients, reduced costs, and improved HEDIS scores, and the pharmaceutical companies improve their profitability by reducing the number of unfilled prescriptions.


WellTouch is ideal for chronic disease situations and post-hospitalization follow-up.


Our WellTouch multi-touch approach includes scheduled live and interactive voice response (IVR) calls, email, SMS text messaging, direct mail, online surveys or a mobile app such as the Mobile Health Library™. Messaging is customized based on disease state to support patients and encourage compliance with the physician’s treatment regimen.

WellTouch Benefits Patients
and Drives Adherence

Value added benefits include:

  • Full circle engagement among physicians, patients and pharmacies
  • Fully customized scripting, collateral and messaging
  • Delivery by experienced WellTouch Healthcare Specialists
  • Physicians can track patients’ progress and compliance by accessing online reports
  • Delivery by experienced WellTouch Healthcare Specialists
  • Physicians can track patients’ progress and compliance by accessing online reports
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Comprehensive analytics and tracking

Customer Service & Patient Support Center Benefits

Product Support Center Reimbursement Support
Triage calls & warm transfer to appropriate department or physician Answers general questions about medication and provide resources
Bilingual Support

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