PhysicianReach establishes and maintains contact with healthcare professionals
in a more convenient, efficient and cost-effective manner.

PhysicianReach™ builds on traditional Teledetailing methods to provide exceptional coverage at a fraction of the cost. It is also excellent for Lead Generation or Physician Profiling.


Competition and budget constraints demand creative, resourceful approaches to sales and marketing of medications. PhysicianReach supplements and supports traditional methods with an array of innovative strategies and tactics. Reach, frequency and impact are the three essential variables responsible for market penetration. PhysicianReach offers the ultimate control over each of these.

A More Flexible Way to
Meet your Brand’s Needs

PhysicianReach campaigns are extremely flexible and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each client. These alternative detailing programs can be quickly modified as circumstances change.


Our PhysicianReach teledetailing programs are individualized to meet your needs and may include:

  • Physician and NP/PA detailing
  • Product launch programs
  • Underserved and vacant territory programs
  • Sampling and brand collateral fulfillment
  • Managed care pull-through
  • Crisis management
  • Driving formulary preference
  • Lead generation
  • Physician profiling

A multi-touch approach provides physicians with comprehensive product knowledge at their convenience, respecting their time constraints while helping to achieve higher physician retention and brand awareness.

Make The Most of our
Highly-Trained Healthcare Experts

We use highly-trained professionals and healthcare experts to present your products to physicians and office staff members in a variety of ways. By engaging PharmaCentra’s services, you will cover more territory and reach traditionally underserved markets.

Strategic Touches Include

 Physician/HCP detail Fax on Demand  Personalize Mailings
 Sample Fulfillment  Email Touches  SMS Text Messaging
Mobile Health Library®

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