Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Locator. Pharmacy Teledetailing. Pharmacy Stocking. Maximize your distribution.


Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Locator. Pharmacy Teledetailing. Pharmacy Stocking. Maximize your distribution.


In today’s challenging retail market, PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Services help meet demand by improving product availability and promoting pharmaceutical brand loyalty.

Pharmacy services are scalable on demand, quick to launch and have been successful at:

Securing brand loyalty in patients and physicians

Improving product presence and availability

Addressing compliance at the point of purchase

Managing inventory control and supply constraints

Keeping pharmacists informed through a cost-efficient channel

Whether you are looking to quickly stock 20,000 independent retail pharmacies, assist retail pharmacies in crisis, or find a local pharmacy on behalf of a patient urgently trying to get a prescription filled, you can count on PharmaCentra’s menu of pharmacy services to handle it.

Pharmacy Locator

Using Pharmacy Locator, patients and healthcare professionals are able to identify which local pharmacies have prescribed products available, or even place an order so a patient can quickly fill their prescription. This helps the patient stay on the intended course of treatment while reducing frustration and noncompliance. The service is ideal for new product launches, controlled substances (Class II & Class III), supply constraints and voluntary market withdrawals.

Pharmacy Teledetailing

Keep pharmacists in the loop with the latest on product approvals, treatment options, new product capabilities, supply and stocking procedures, formulation changes, and recalls. PharmaCentra also helps coordinate vital communication during a crisis situation. Whether it’s a product launch, recall or any issue requiring immediate action, PharmaCentra builds solutions to meet your brand’s needs.

Pharmacy Stocking

Maximizes distribution to independent retail pharmacies with access to our nationwide network of 60,000+ independent and retail chain pharmacies. Pharmacy Stocking provides strategic direct-to pharmacist telephonic messaging, stocking incentives and awareness. The program makes pharmacies aware of products, improves stocking, is scalable on demand, and quick to launch.

Crisis Management

The Crisis Management component helps coordinate vital communication when there are inventory challenges, a product recall or other important issue requiring immediate action. Crisis Management programs are customized for outreach to pharmacies, physicians or patients, as product situation demands. Contact us to have a crisis management program set to go at a moment’s notice.

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