Health Risk Assessments

Our Patient Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) follow up on patient care and deliver actionable data. Our HRAs drive more informed decisions and lead to improved patient outcomes, as well as reduced healthcare costs.


With more than 100,000 completed Health Risk Assessments, PharmaCentra improves patient adherence, identifies risks, and reduces healthcare costs by asking the right questions and adhering to provider policies, procedures and culture in order to professionally represent clients in all member interactions.


How We Help

Educate Patients on Disease State Assess General Health Identify Level of Health Risk
Motivate Behavior; change to reduce health risks Schedule Appointments Appointment Reminder Calls
Schedule In-Home HRA Post HRA Survey Call Decrease Insurance Premiums
 Improve HEDIS Scores

PharmaCentra HRAs identify chronic diseases, injury risks, modifiable risk factors, and urgent health needs of a patient.


Our representatives have the title of Health Care Specialist (HCS) and are the front-line execution responsible for supporting our clients. Each HCS is able to interact with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and patients. PharmaCentra HRA’s have proven valuable in primary care management and are extremely successful in controlling healthcare costs. Client HRA’s are customized based on patient population, disease state, risk factors, as well as other criteria.



Sample Health Assessment Questions

Activities of Daily Living Alcohol/Drug Use Anxiety
Depression Medication Adherence Nutrition/Eating Patterns
Pain Personal Safety Physical Activity
Other General Health Related Questions

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