Clinical Trial Recruitment

Our skilled healthcare specialists have substantial experience in patient recruiting and screening and can help increase patient engagement, while enabling you to remain focused on research and patient care.

Call Center Clinical Trial Recruitment
and Patient/Caregiver Support

Call center services provide live assistance to patients seeking disease and clinical trial information online or via study brochures. Healthcare specialists answer FAQs and ask approved pre-qualification questions. Patients who pre-qualify are warm transferred directly to a nearby study site connecting them with a study coordinator. Patients who do not qualify are still provided helpful resources to assist them with managing their disease.

A Multi-Touchpoint Approach
for Continued Success

Below is a list of the various patient and physician engagement tactics we employ to help successfully improve patient engagement and clinical trial recruitment.

Our Tactics

 Schedule In-Home HRA Improve HEDIS Scores  Call Center & Live Chat Services
 Collateral Materials (Study brochures, Flyers, etc)  Patient Referral Management  Participant Retention
Patient Advocacy Group and Community Outreach  Community Outreach  Referring Physician Outreach
Social Media Engagement, Online Advertising & Recruitment  Patient Recruitment Tracking  Side Identification and Pre-Qualification

Social Media Engagement & Live Chat

PhysicianReach™ and Community Outreach are custom designed for each clinical trial to increase awareness of the study among HCPs, Patients, and Caregivers. Highly trained call center representatives reach out to specific geographic physician targets and community organizations surrounding clinical trial sites, to inform them of the study, nearby study sites, encourage referrals, and provide a study packet. Study packets include patient study brochures, study information, and patient referral forms, which are mailed following the teledetail.


A follow up call is placed within 10 days to ensure receipt of materials and answer any questions. The call center places quarterly calls to remind of the study and nearby study sites, to refer prospective participants and to provide additional study packets as needed.


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