PharmaCentra creates customizable marketing programs that help pharma-
ceutical companies communicate with physicians and patients who depend on their brands.

We utilize innovative tactics for alternative detailing, pharmaceutical marketing, product sales and healthcare management to achieve unpre-
cedented success in hypercompetitive markets. PharmaCentra's integrated marketing initiatives allow clients to effectively manage the flow of information among pharmacy vendors, physicians and patients while increasing market share.

pharmaceutical marketing and sales specialists

Maintaining brand position and clear messaging is becoming more and more difficult. Competitive players will utilize alternative message delivery methods to ensure that patients and physicians are educated and to protect and support their brands. That means operating outside the box with patient education, brand promotion and physician communication.

At PharmaCentra, we understand and embrace these competitive challenges. We are constantly perfecting our sales, marketing and communications strategies that keep our clients on the cutting edge of interactive patient compliance, alternative detailing, education and brand establishment. We understand the trends, and we know what works.

Clients prefer a single source for alternative detailing, email marketing, fulfillment collateral and pharmacy locating in order to reach out and touch their customers. We are that single source. We listen to what patients and physicians say, and we understand the challenges that keep pharmas from effectively communicating with target audiences.

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We have combined these core strengths into three primary service offerings:

WellTouch™ - WellTouch™, PharmaCentra’s signature compliance and persistency program, gives patients control over their prescription regimens while providing physicians and pharmaceutical companies with a better vehicle for communication. Because the program is completely customizable, it can be applied to any disease state.
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Teledetailing - Teledetailing campaigns are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. This method of physician detailing enables clients to reach doctors at their convenience without interrupting patient care and expand their reach to geographically inaccessible or otherwise underserved areas. Campaigns are fully customized and can be quickly modified to accommodate changing strategies and incorporate alternative messaging as circumstances dictate. Learn more…
Pharmacy Services – Whether you need to quickly stock 20,000 independent retail pharmacies or find a local pharmacy on behalf of a patient trying to get a prescription filled, you can count on PharmaCentra’s menu of pharmacy services to handle it. We can even help with rapid detailing of retail pharmacies with timely news. Learn more…